Types Of Heat Presses For Garments!

A heat press is a unit which is used to transfer a graphic design onto a material by using high heat. This equipment is also useful to imprint designs on almost any plain item you could imagine. Today these machines are used even by amateurs and designers to create imprints of t-shirts along with other fabrics from the comfort of the home. These machines demand high temperatures which range from 375 degrees to 425 degrees. Additionally they need a force of 40 to 80 psi to press the design on to the fabric.

The heat press machines will often have an light weight aluminum heating unit. They can make usage of carrier paper and certain kinds of inks. They are heated to the required temperature after which pressed on to the transfer inks at a mandatory pressure for a specific amount of time. Then the transfer inks are pressed on to the material which is printed to either form a design on the surface or through the layers of the material. Both automated and operated by hand heat presses can be obtained. Even semi-automatic types can be found to purchase. In modern-day heat presses, the usage of digital technology allows very precise control over the amount of temperature and pressure as well as over the time period of pressing the device on to the material.

There’s a wide selection of heat presses you can purchase. Probably the most widely available type makes the use of a flat platen to apply pressure and high temperature. Some frequent types are listed below.

• Clamshell type – In this kind of heat press, the upper heating unit is made to open like a clamshell.

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• Swing-away type – Within the swing-away type of heat press, the upper heat platen is made to swing from the lower platen.

• Draw style heat press – Within this type too as the name indicates, the base platen can be pulled out for graphic preparation such as a drawer.

• Vacuum powered heat press – This style employs air pressure to obtain the final results.

Steam irons also referred to as steam presses are a handy and efficient way to keep garments in a accurately ironed and clean manner. These are made to eliminate the creases from all components of clothes including cotton, silk, wool along with other resources. They can be designed to function at different temperatures for ironing various materials. They mainly make full use of pressure and heat to iron clothes. These are generally small devices which are usually made from a triangular base with pores on them for steam to come out that assist in ironing. Water is poured via a provision on top and the amount of steam can even be controlled. Apart from giving good shape to clothes, they also get rid of bacteria and pollen from them.

Sequined Tote Bag

Hello everyone !

Still a little sewing in recent times. And yes, I always have something to do or that tempts me in this field … difficult to resist! I realized this famous bag sequined bag that has a real success! But here it is, with my budget! And then, I really want blue and shades right now. Sequins, but just what it takes …

Let’s go to the presentations …

I have doubled the inside of a gray-blue cotton with very soft and trendy geometric shapes.

Interior with a zip pocket of a good size.

And why stop there in such a good way? With the rest of the fabric, I made a matching pouch for small personal belongings. In a big bag bag like this, we quickly found in the background ..


Blue suedine and strips of spangles from Myrtille who gently gives a small sheet for this book. You can also refer to the blog

The little star here

Of course, one can vary the style, with or without fantasy. It’s up to you to play now if you like!

Very nice week to all, thank you for your friendly messages and welcome new subscribers 🙂